Drummond Ltd. Delivers Children’s Playground in Boqueron
September 12, 2018

As part of its corporate social responsibility program, and its commitment to help people in its area of influence to live in harmony and enjoy recreation, Drummond Ltd. cut the ribbon on a new children’s playground for the community of Boqueron in La Jagua de Ibirico, Cesar, so the town’s children have a place to play.

With leadership from the Community Action Board, the community planned and constructed the park. The goal of the alliance is to promote recreation and good use of free time. Juan Arteaga, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, stated, “We believe it to be important to have delivered this playground as part of our social commitment to our communities. Working with the Community Action Board was significant because we generated relationships that benefit the community of Boqueron. Now we invite the children to come and enjoy and take care of this place for recreation.”

In addition, Julio Viloria, President of Boqueron’s Community Action Board, stated, “This work has been done thanks to support from Drummond. Now the children of Boqueron have a place to play and have fun. We hope to continue to count on support from the company for future projects in benefit of the community.”

The SENA Certifies 39 Welders at Drummond Ltd.
September 7, 2018

 La Loma, September 7, 2018 In pursuit of employee development and ever increasing professionalism, in alliance with the National Learning Service – SENA, Drummond Ltd. certified 39 employees from the welding area who successfully met the requirements for completing the training process. The main objective of the six-week course was to assess job competencies under […]

Drummond Supports the Women’s Volleyball Team from Magdalena
September 5, 2018

Santa Marta, September 5, 2018 Recently, Drummond supported the women’s volleyball team from Magdalena, by donating the team uniforms for the fifty-sixth National Women’s Championship to be held in the city of Medellin.  The team will represent the state and their performance in Medellin will determine whether or not they qualify for the national tournament […]


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