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Located in the departments of Cesar and Magdalena, Colombia, Drummond’s primary mission is the exploration, mining, transportation and export of coal.

In 1995 we began our coal mining operations in an area between the municipalities of El Paso, La Jagua de Ibirico and Chiriguaná in Cesar, also known as Mina Pribbenow, and La Loma coal project. In 2009 we started the operation of our second mine, El Descanso, located between the municipalities of Becerril and Agustín Codazzi.

As a complement to our mining operation, Drummond has also worked with the local Colombian government in the construction and expansion of a fully functional international port and in the renovation of the rail system through Fenoco. Today, we own and manage roughly 2 billion tons of reserves in La Loma, El Descanso, Rincόn Hondo, Similoa, and Cerrolargo, the last three are in the process of environmental licensing.

In 2018, we shipped approximately 32 million tons of coal to customers in more than 30 countries worldwide. We are proud to be identified as a significant producer of compliance coal, which meets the Phase II low-sulfur requirements of the 1990 Amendments to the Clean Air Act.

As a Colombia based company, our commitment to Colombia is steadfast. Every day, on every project, at every level of Drummond, we consider the impact our actions have on our employees, our communities and our environment. We strive to improve the education, health, and well being of our employees and their families. We invest heavily in community initiatives, work closely with local governments, and design and implement programs for the development and benefit of our communities. We continually strive to control and mitigate the impacts of mining, transportation, and shipment of coal as we develop and implement innovative sustainability techniques.


Drummond — Committed to Colombia