Environmental Commitment


To protect the plant life in and around our areas of impact, Drummond Ltd. has built our own plant nursery. Within this state-of-the-art facility, we cultivate indigenous plants from seeds through maturation and planting.

Seeds are obtained from native trees. Seeds are dried, processed, and stored in properly labeled containers that are placed in a refrigerated room especially constructed for this purpose. The most common seeds collected are: mango, campano, oak, lluvia de oro, cañaguate, carito, and aceituno.

Once prepared, seeds are germinated in beds until they reach maturation. Seedlings with their root balls or with the roots in water in a special container are implanted into fill bags. Bagged seedlings are protected under the greenhouse cover until they adapt.

Once seedlings adapt to the transplanting process they are replanted in growing beds. Depending on the species, young plants are cultivated for three to five months until they reach sufficient maturation to tolerate permanent transplant. The growing beds are under continual supervision for weed control, pest and disease prevention, fumigate, and fertilization. The entire nursery operation plan is coordinated with optimal planting periods to ensure success in the transplanting process.