Drummond Ltd. to Present Fifteen Students With Scholarship Awards in 2018
February 6, 2018

Drummond Ltd. has awarded scholarships to 117 students since the program’s inception in 2006.  We are pleased to have 15 new scholars who will join our Scholarship Program this year.

In February, the La Loma and El Descanso scholarship award ceremonies will be held in the capital cities of the departments of Magdalena and Cesar. The La Loma program will take place on Wednesday, February 7 at 4.00 p.m. at the Hotel Estelar Santamar, Bolivar conference room.  The El Descanso ceremony in Valledupar will be held on Thursday, February 8, at the same time at the Hotel Sicarare, Yüi conference room.

As highlighted in several opportunities by Drummond Ltd.’s president, Jose Miguel Linares, “we continue investing so that in our area of influence, no adolescent will be left without the possibility to receive an education. We focus a large part of our efforts in people from our region who have greater capacities, and on the education of children and young adults as an engine for development, and these are investments that we can make to consolidate achieving peace in Colombia.”

U.S. Ambassador’s visit to Puerto Drummond concludes with dialogue with USAID beneficiaries
January 16, 2018

Cienaga, January 16, 2018 The U.S. Ambassador Kevin Whitaker, accompanied by other high level attaches at the Embassy that included the head of USAID, Lawrence Sacks, visited Puerto Drummond on January 11.  The diplomatic group was welcomed by Drummond Ltd.’s President, Jose Miguel Linares, the Vice-President for the Transport Department, Peter Burrus, and top company […]

100 Children from the Township of La Aurora Receive Sports Equipment
January 10, 2018

La Loma, January 10, 2018 A complete set of sports supplies was delivered to the children of La Aurora Sports Club, in order to encourage sports participation and the healthy use of free time. For the second consecutive year, the children who reside in the township of La Aurora, municipality of Chiriguana, will have the […]



Our reports compile much more than charts illustrating the company’s performance; they portray the stories of people who, from various work areas, form a support for a company that is growing along with the communities in the area of influence where it operates, that humanizes a highly technical process such as mining, and that is committed to the pursuit of benefits for all.