Students from the Universidad de la Costa visit the Pribbenow Mine
May 18, 2017

Students from the Universidad de la Costa by ramp 7’s lookout point

Thirty-five students from the Universidad de la Costa’s engineering faculty visited the installations of the Pribbenow Mine, with the purpose of learning about our operations.

The students began their visit with talks led by the different representatives of the Engineering, Environmental, and Community Relations areas, with the purpose of explaining to the students everything about Drummond Ltd.’s operational and social aspects. The questions that arose from the talks were mainly related to environmental management, backfilling processes, and the programs established by the company with the people and the communities belonging to the area of influence.

After the talks, the students had the opportunity to visit the lookout point by ramp 7, where they were able to observe the mining and truck operations in that area. They also had the chance to understand the important role played by the El Paujil Dam, in all of the tasks developed within the La Loma project.

Drummond Communicates about Environmental Compensation Plan
May 10, 2017

*Pictured: Armando Calvano, Director of Environmental Compensation at Drummond Ltd., Diego Arias, Secretary of Agriculture in La Jagua de Ibirico, and the technical teams from the Pro-Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Foundation and Asotecpro accompany the future environmental protectors of the San Antonio Creek from the municipalities of La Jagua de Ibirico and Chiriguana

La Loma, May 10, 2017 Drummond Ltd. held a meeting in La Jagua de Ibirico to share information with the citizens living in that municipality and in Chiriguana about the Environmental Compensation Plan to be implemented in the area of the San Antonio Creek.   Officials from Corpocesar, the Office of the Mayor of La […]

Family Day with Drummond took over Puerto Drummond
May 9, 2017

22 families from the B shift enjoyed “Family Day with Drummond”

An updated “Family Day with Drummond” program was held at the company’s Port facilities, during which 88 people made up of B shift employees and their families attended and enjoyed this opportunity to tour the facilities at Puerto Drummond, full of joy and smiles. At 8:00 in the morning, buses from Santa Marta, El Rodadero […]



Our reports compile much more than charts illustrating the company’s performance; they portray the stories of people who, from various work areas, form a support for a company that is growing along with the communities in the area of influence where it operates, that humanizes a highly technical process such as mining, and that is committed to the pursuit of benefits for all.