185 Drummond employees will receive labor competency certifications from the Sena

May 22, 2013

At a ceremony that will be held in the SENA’s Auditorium in Valledupar on May 24th at 10:00 a.m., 185 Drummond Ltd. employees will receive the Labor Competency Certifications that the SENA issues for different activities within mining operations.

This certification program is part of the “Colombia Certifies” program that the SENA is promoting at the national level and that started at Drummond Ltd. in 2007 with the certification of 401 employees in different competency standards such as operating Mining Trucks, Caterpillar Tractors, Front-End Loaders, Handling Explosives and Blasting.

The certification process begins by inviting those employees who wish to participate voluntarily, seeking national accreditation of their competency in the mining activity that they perform at the company. Then, the candidates are subjected to various assessments of their knowledge and skills under the standards for the respective areas, and those who pass all of these evaluations showing their competency as safe and productive workers are worthy of the certification.

On this occasion, 98 employees will be certified in Labor Competencies under the standards for operating Mining Trucks according to the operating manual, 49 for operating Caterpillar Tractors, 32 for Blasting, 5 as Labor Competency Evalulators and 1 for Front-End Loaders.

With the SENA’s support, Drummond Ltd. will continue to work for the continuous improvement of its human talent.

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