Drummond Contributes to Fishery Development in the Communities of Don Jaca and Aeropuerto in Santa Marta
October 13, 2020

Drummond, in alliance with ACDI-VOCA, an operator in Colombia of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) programs, and the Fauna Caribe Colombiana Foundation delivered fishing gear, engines, and biosafety equipment to three fishery associations near the area of influence of the port, and more specifically in the sector of Aeropuerto and Don Jaca: COOPSERTURJACA, ASPEJACA AND ASOPESTUR.

As part of the project, “To strengthen three artisan fishery associations in Don Jaca and Aeropuerto in Santa Marta, promoting reconciliation and living together in peace,” they were given fishing gear such as lifejackets, engines, nets, buoys, GPS, flares for maritime safety, fishing equipment, identity cards, and the rules for Safety of Life at Sea.

In addition, the three communities were given biosafety equipment for
protection against and prevention of COVID-19: thermometers, face masks,
face shields, alcohol, bleach, gloves, and beach cleaning equipment, all of which will help approximately 45 people and their families whose livelihood is traditional fishing.

Drummond Ltd. Switches to Fueling its Vehicles with Biodiesel, in Favor of the Environment
September 16, 2020

La Loma, September 16, 2020 With the objective of reducing environmental impacts, Drummond Ltd. is now fueling its vehicles with biodiesel instead of diesel as of the start of September. Through this change, the company will reduce by 4.5 million gallons per year its consumption of fossil fuels, which will lower its CO2 emissions by […]

Drummond Ltd. and the Mayor of Chiriguana Deliver Center for Senior Citizens in La Sierra
September 15, 2020

La Loma, September 15, 2020 As the result of joint work between the Mayor of Chiriguana and Drummond Ltd., the La Sierra community received a Center for Senior Citizens, a construction to which the mining company contributed building materials and furnishings. “Drummond has conducted itself magnificently. In addition to being a strategic, institutional, and social […]


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