About Us


Beginning as early as 1980, Drummond began assessing investment opportunities in coal projects in several countries around the world, including both the Pacific and Atlantic markets. Finally, in 1987, based on factors such as workforce, technology and environmental sustainability, Colombia was selected as the best option.

Drummond Company Inc. formed Drummond Ltd. for the development of projects in Colombia and obtained, through this subsidiary, the rights for the exploration, mining, and export of coal located in the department of Cesar, specifically in the area between the municipalities of El Paso, La Jagua de Ibirico, and Chiriguaná. The area was named the Pribbenow Mine, also known as La Loma Coal Mine.

In the early 90s, Drummond Ltd. completed socioeconomic and environmental studies of this project. These investigations identified profiles of the work force, social and economic situations, and the conditions of the air, water, flora and fauna of the region in order to protect or recover them.

Simultaneous to the investments being made to start the mining process, the Colombian government undertook the rehabilitation of a section of the Atlantic Rail Network in order to connect the mine with our port, which was built in the city of Ciénaga (Magdalena). In 1995, coal exportation began and since then Drummond’s presence has become an integral part of the regional and national economy.

With the start of production and exportation in 1995, Drummond Ltd. began a continual process of improvement and expansion of mining operations, railways and ports. In 2009, we began the operation of our second project, El Descanso. Today, we own and manage roughly 2 billion tons of reserves in La Loma, El Descanso, El Corozo, Similoa, and Cerrolargo, the last two of which are in the process of environmental licensing.

Today, Drummond Ltd ships over 30 million metric tons of coal to customers around the world utilizing our direct ship loader at Puerto Drummond.