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Policies and Commitment

Our commitment to Colombia is steadfast. Every day, on every project, at every level of Drummond, we consider the impact our actions have on our employees, our communities, and our environment.

  • We strive to improve education, health, and welfare of our employees and their families.
  • We invest heavily in community initiatives, work closely with local governments, and design and implement programs for the development and benefit of our communities.
  • We continually work to control and mitigate the impacts of mining, transportation, and shipment of coal, as we develop and apply innovative sustainability techniques.

Drummond’s contribution to the economic and social development of Colombia and commitment to the environment go far beyond legal compliance:

  • Our sustainability efforts are focused on the control and mitigation of the impacts of mining, transportation and shipment of coal on the environment.
  • We maximize the recovery of coal reserves, establish safe and efficient working conditions, and strive to improve the education, health, and well being of our employees and their families
  • We are dedicated to the highest standards of excellence. This philosophy is proven in every aspect of our business, including the measures taken to protect the environment through steadfast adherence to responsible environmental management and practices.

Drummond designs and implements programs for the development and benefit of the communities in the area of influence of our operations:

  • Drummond maximizes recovery of reserves at competitive costs to keep the local economies strong.
  • We strive to create continuous and long-lasting improvements in the quality of life in affected communities.
  • We have established a proactive dialogue with authorities so they participate in the achievement of prioritized goals for each region.
  • We design and implement sustained development strategies throughout our operations in concordance with evolving markets and technology.
  • We always operate within the framework of regulations and hold ourselves to the highest industry standards.

Our Policies and Commitments:

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At Drummond we consider our employees first and foremost. We are blessed to have a workforce of loyal, hardworking people dedicated to excellence. It is our goal to provide every employee with the very best in safety, equipment, training, and supervision.

Just as our worldwide customers have benefited from our success in North and South America, so have the communities where we operate. Drummond’s commitment to community development includes such diverse projects as school construction, establishing health clinics, funding job-training centers, college scholarships and building fire departments. We are active participants in every community where we work.

Our commitment to responsible mining has led us to develop environmental techniques particular to Colombian conditions that other companies have chosen to emulate. For example, our trains, with more than 130 cars, are treated with water to prevent or mitigate the dispersion of particles. As the coal is being loaded and wetted, a roller compacts it.