Bus accident with a truck in Cesar resulted in the death of three Company workers, as well as several people injured

La Loma, May 8, 2022

We regret to report that a bus that was transporting 14 company workers was involved in a traffic accident in with a heavy-duty truck. Because of this sad accident, three employees died and several others were injured. They were evacuated by ambulance to nearby health centers.

The accident happened 400 meters from the entrance to the El Descanso mine, on the road that connects the village of La Loma, municipality of El Paso (Cesar), with La Jagua de Ibirico.

Our most heartfelt condolences go to the families of the employees who died in this tragic event, and we will be giving all the support to the families of all the affected workers. As a matter of respect to the families, we will not be revealing names until we have their authorization to do so.

The Company immediately activated its emergency response plan, the pertinent authorities are at the site of the accident, and we will be providing them with the collaboration they may need.

We will be updating the information during the day tomorrow.