Drummond Ltd. Switches to Fueling its Vehicles with Biodiesel, in Favor of the Environment

With the objective of reducing environmental impacts, Drummond Ltd. is now fueling its vehicles with biodiesel instead of diesel as of the start of September.

Through this change, the company will reduce by 4.5 million gallons per year its consumption of fossil fuels, which will lower its CO2 emissions by 45,000 tons per year and its particulate matter emissions by 11.4 tons.

The renewable, vegetable oil-based biofuel is made by the Biocosta Group. To supply this biodiesel, it will set aside close to 4,000 hectares of its plantations for the production Drummond Ltd. requires in a year.

In addition to the benefits this change brings for the environment, Drummond Ltd.’s involvement will help create more than 2,100 direct and indirect jobs in the Departments of Cesar and Magdalena.

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Drummond Ltd. and the Mayor of Chiriguana Deliver Center for Senior Citizens in La Sierra

La Loma, September 15, 2020 As the result of joint work between the Mayor of Chiriguana and Drummond Ltd., the La Sierra community received a Center for Senior Citizens, a construction to which the mining company contributed building materials and furnishings. “Drummond has conducted itself magnificently. In addition to being a strategic, institutional, and social […]

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Education during the Pandemic, a Challenge Met and Overcome by Drummond Scholarship Winners

Cienaga, September 8, 2020 *The company, which has continued its operations and social programs, keeps a close watch on its scholarship winners as they do a great job with their college studies and keep moving forward in these complex times, becoming examples of hard work and success. During the COVID-19 emergency, Drummond Ltd. continues to […]

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Drummond Delivers Infrastructure for the Social Enterprise Center in Boqueron

La Jagua de Ibirico, September 3, 2020 With the goal of creating an arena for promoting enterprise and employment as options for generating income for community members, Drummond Ltd. delivered the civil works for the Social Enterprise Center (CES for the name in Spanish) in Boqueron, a district in the municipality of La Jagua de […]

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Drummond Donates 32,800 Additional Face Masks for the COVID-19 Contingency in Cesar and Magdalena

La Loma, September 2, 2020 Drummond Ltd. continues to offer its assistance in the response to the COVID-19 contingency in the municipalities in its area of influence in Cesar and Magdalena. Recently it made a delivery of 32,800 surgical face masks. In the Department of Cesar, the towns of Agustin Codazzi, La Jagua de Ibirico, […]

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Drummond Ltd. Continues to Improve Roads in the Mining Corridor During COVID Crisis

La Loma, August 20, 2020 Coming through with its social commitments is one of Drummond Ltd.’s objectives even in pandemic times. That’s why it has continued its Urban Road Improvement program in the municipalities in its area of influence in Cesar: La Jagua de Ibirico, Chiriguana, Becerril, El Paso, Agustin Codazzi and Bosconia. The program, […]

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Cesar has 500 additional literates after the second phase of
the “Alfabetizate” project

La Loma, August 11, 2020 Despite the difficulties caused by the mandatory quarantine, 500 new students have now completed Cycles I and II for reading, writing, and mathematics competencies as part of the “Alfabetízate, movement in the classroom” project, which has successfully concluded its second phase. Drummond Ltd. develops the project in partnership with Comfacesar. […]

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25 Years Exporting Colombian Coal to the World

July 31, 2020 In July 1995, Drummond Ltd. made its first coal export, loading the mineral from Cesar at its maritime terminal in Cienaga to be taken to other countries. Since that time, the operation has continued to contribute to the development of Colombia, under high standards for quality and safety. The company is currently […]

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Drummond receives ISO 45001 Certification

Cienaga – July 9, 2020 After the audit carried out during the second week of June of 2020 by Lloyd’s Register, the auditing team validated that the company has all the requirements to carry out the transit from the OHSAS 18001: 2007 certification to the ISO 45001: 2018 standard. The constant strengthening of safe actions […]

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Income Generation Continues for Local Food Producers with the Sale of 1,853 kg of Agricultural Products

La Loma, July 8, 2020 In the midst of the socioeconomic impacts Colombia is facing with the pandemic, a group of farmers from Agustin Codazzi, Becerril and La Jagua de Ibirico, in the Department of Cesar, received news that would have a positive impact on the well-being of their families and their surroundings. The “Local […]

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