CECAR Students Reaffirm that Drummond is a Company Committed to Social and Environmental Issues

June 24, 2016

*Industrial engineering students from the Corporación Universitaria del Caribe (CECAR) were , accompanied by Drummond Ltd’s environmental analyst Iván Alberto Fonseca Medina.
*Industrial engineering students from the Corporación Universitaria del Caribe (CECAR) were , accompanied by Drummond Ltd’s environmental analyst Iván Alberto Fonseca Medina.

Drummond Ltd. promotes its good neighbor image through its social commitment to the training of professionals in the country. On this occasion, Drummond welcomed industrial engineering students from the Corporación Universitaria del Caribe (CECAR) in Sincelejo to its Pribbenow mine. The students were able to observe how mining operations are implemented, the work done to mitigate the environmental impact caused by coal mining, and about the projects Drummond carries out with the community.

Drummond Ltd.’s social responsibility in its areas of influence were one of the topics that the Industrial engineering students were able to become acquainted with through the socialization carried out by the Coordinator of Community Relations for Cesar, Rafael Antonio García Gutiérrez.

“I think the social responsibility of this company is marvelous. You aren’t a government agency, but you’re doing what they should be doing. You’re an example to be followed. Coming here allows you gain great knowledge. You get rid of all those ‘rumors’ and things that people say but that have nothing to do with the company. You realize that they’re false things and that that gossip shouldn’t keep going around,” emphasized Sissy Paola Santos Díaz, a CECAR student.

Other students highlighted the improvements in the surrounding towns in the area of influence of the mine, the railway corridor and Puerto Drummond, in addition to the contribution and construction of spaces the company has made in the areas of education and health.

On his part, Luwing Otero, Long-term Planning Engineer in the Engineering Department, presented a general perspective of the mining activities carried out at Drummond Ltd. Otero showed the CECAR students the equipment the company has and how it operates. But it was at the Ramp 7 overlook that the future engineers were able to see in reality what had been explained to them in theory.

“We already had an idea of Drummond. It’s considered to be one of the most prestigious multinational coal companies in the world, and that is what motivated us to come to the Pribbenow mine. In addition to this, our students felt a certain attraction to Drummond due to the very complex process of mining this prestigious mineral, greatly desired world-wide. The image I had of the company was positive. Now, after seeing in real life all of the processes they carry out, I can say that it’s excellent,” said Enrique Alberto Ibargüen Torreglosa, Field Trip Coordinator of the Corporación Universitaria del Caribe (CECAR).

During the tour, the students observed Drummond Ltd.’s environmental commitment, and understood that mining can be carried out in an environmentally responsible manner.

From the El Paujil overlook, Iván Alberto Fonseca Medina, Environmental Analyst, presented the company’s mining designs, which take environmental variables into account and avoid negative impact. There, the students observed the El Paujil reservoir, a water reservoir that permits that permits supplying this resource to the region during droughts and protects the fauna and flora that exist in the intervention areas.