Children from the district of July 16th will have access to better nutrition

June 13, 2013

The school cafeteria at the Humberto Velásquez García District School in Sevilla, Zona Bananera was inaugurated

As a complement to the educational training that the Humberto Velásquez García District School provides in the district of 16 de Julio located in the township of Sevilla (Zona Bananera), on Wednesday, June 12 Drummond launched, with the support of other organizations such as: Fundaunibán, the Municipal Mayor’s Office and the educational institution itself, the school cafeteria that will contribute to feeding and nourishing 180 children.

At the opening ceremony, which started at 10:00 a.m., representatives from each contributing organization were present, as well as the children who will benefit, the Municipal Mayor, community leaders, teachers, and part of the district of 16 de Julio, where the event took place.

This program, in addition to the opening of the dining room where the children received their first inaugural breakfast, allowed the youngest participants to express their gratitude through several events that they presented for the attendees.

As part of the project’s investment, the cafeteria was equipped with various tools, such as: an industrial stove, a conventional refrigerator, a plastic trash can for recycling waste, chairs and plastic tables for adults and for children, among other implements that will contribute to preserving food and keeping the site in good condition to provide the children with the best possible environment.

The project has a total construction area of 127.5 m2. In this space, they built the dining room, kitchen, cellar, an elevated tank with a capacity of 500 liters, a basic sanitation system composed of a grease trap, septic tank and a dry well. These are in addition to the hydraulic, sanitation, electrical and natural gas facilities.

The total investment in this project was $66,143,932.00, of which Drummond Ltd. contributed $28,744.884.00; the Municipality of Zona Bananera: $22,923,037.00; Fundaunibán: $10,286.768.00 and the Humberto Velásquez García District School: $4,189,243.00.

To carry out this project, the presence and leadership of the community was vital, and it will be the main caretaker for the cafeteria’s facilities and resources.

“Ensuring the sustainability of this space, with which we seek to provide the children with better quality of life, is up to us, to the care and value that we give to this building to provide quality nutrition services and improve their educational performance. Because a child who is full, well-nourished, will be ready to learn,” said one of the founding teachers of the Humberto Velásquez García District School, Armando Ríos.

Through these social responsibility projects, Drummond will continue to work to be a good neighbor and provide better living conditions for children, as the cornerstone of our society’s present and future.


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