Dark spot in sea of El Rodadero

Oct. 10. 2016

Regarding the media reports about an alleged dark substance floating in the sea in the area between the El Rodadero and Playa Blanca beaches, in the municipality of Santa Marta, located over 20 kilometers north of Puerto Drummond, the Company clarifies the following:

  • Drummond does constant and thorough checks of its facilities at the Port, to make sure all port operations are carried out properly and without causing spills that might impact the environment.
  • When the Company was informed of the alleged floating substance, a thorough inspection was carried out to make sure there was no spill in the ocean.
  • Drummond checked by boat from its port in Ciénaga to Playa Blanca, going even closer to the shore in the reported areas, and found no evidence of any stain or floating substance.

Drummond Ltd. is assisting and cooperating with the Harbor Master of the port of Santa Marta, the Coast Guard service, Corpamag, ANLA and other authorities in the investigation to determine the origin and composition of the substance.