Drummond acknowledges Ciénaga school for its environmental commitment

September 30, 2013

Drummond made the donation of a clean zone for recycling to the Alianza para el Progreso Educational Institution of the municipality of Ciénaga.

The school, which demonstrated its ecological spirit, earned this contribution by participating on the International Environment Day contest held by the Municipal Mayor’s Office on June 5, 2013, which was open to all of the municipality’s educational institutions in order to promote care and preservation of the environment.

Drummond, as part of this commemoration, participated through the Environmental Department and the Communities area, awarding the best proposals.  The participating schools were able to be part of the activity by presenting a decorative billboard with recyclable materials with creative content related to the environment.

Many different schools participated and two were selected to receive the final prizes.  The two top proposals were from the Manuel J. del Castillo School and the Alianza para el Progreso Educational Institution, and were given the opportunity to choose between a visit to Marine World and a tour of the Drummond Ltd facilities and mine, including a clean zone for their school’s facilities.

Drummond continues to support the communities’ progress and creating spaces that contribute to leadership and to the formation of an environmentally conscientious community.