Drummond and the La Jagua de Ibirico Mayor’s Office, Inaugurate Projects in the Township of Boqueron

La Loma, April 3, 2017

*In the photograph: Yarcely Rangel, Yair Baron, and Alfredo Araujo

*In the photograph: Yarcely Rangel, Yair Baron, and Alfredo Araujo

Last March, Drummond Ltd., in cooperation with the municipal administration of La Jagua de Ibirico, delivered 3 important projects in the township of Boqueron: the remodeling of the Childhood Development Center – CDI, a multi-functional sports field, and the health center. Alfredo Araujo, Community Relations Manager, and members of his work team, spoke with the assistants about each one of the aspects that were improved in the three projects, which included the following: the optimization of the electrical fluid, the impermeabilization of the health center, the repair of cracks on walls of the CDI and health center, fixing of structural failures, and the adjustment of the front of the buildings and the application of paint.

These works represent the road towards the progress of this community, with the support of the Mayor’s office and the mining sector. “The Mayor presented several proposals and aspects that she considers important for the community and the support received from the mining sector to help resolve these problems and come up with a definitive solution,” expressed Alfredo Araujo.

Additionally, Yarcely Rangel, Mayor for the municipality of La Jagua de Ibirico, declared her appreciation with the company, highlighting the commitment that Drummond Ltd., has had with this zone of Cesar, and its residents. “I want to express my deepest thanks to Drummond for the investments they’ve made, as these have notably improved the CDI, which was practically lost. The floors are now beautiful, the ceilings, the lights, and all the adjustments that were made are beautiful, and I feel this is what the kids needed.”  Additionally, she highlighted the program being developed by Drummond Ltd., in partnership with the Mayor’s office and Prodeco, in the community of Boqueron, in terms of the productive activities with laying hens and pigs, and which has resulted in a relevant advance in the generation of employment and businesses.

Finally, the dedication concluded with a walk-through of each one of the areas that were improved, as evidence of the work that the company has carried out in favor of the residents in Boqueron. “Anything that comes as something good for the community, we will be happy about, because children are going to have another environment in which to grow up in. We hope for more support,” declared Dilubis Castillo, a resident of the township of Boqueron. With these initiatives, Drummond Ltd., ratifies once more, its commitment with its zones of influence, providing them with greater and better opportunities through its social responsibility policy.