Drummond announces the first 1,000 tons of coal from its El Corozo mine in Cesar

La Loma, March 16, 2021

In the midst of the complex panorama facing the coal sector in the country, Drummond reiterates its commitment to the development of economically viable, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible mining, with the extraction of the first thousand tons of coal from its El Corozo mine, whose activity began at the end of 2020. It is located in the municipalities of La Jagua de Ibirico and Chiriguaná in the center of Cesar.

El Corozo, the third coal mine that Drummond Ltd. operates in Colombia, has an area of 9,459.38 hectares and 120.9 million tons of estimated reserves, of which 39.7 million tons are proven reserves. With this new project, the company expects to maintain the production levels of recent years, between 31.5 and 33 million tons, which will allow it to continue to contribute resources for the country, as well as protect the nearly 10,000 direct jobs that it currently generates.

“For Drummond and its team of employees, it is a source of pride to tell Colombia today that we continue to work for a mining project that is synonymous with development, that is sustainable with the environment, that generates quality employment, and that reduces needs in communities and helps build capacities,” said José Miguel Linares, president of Drummond in Colombia.

Just as it has done in its more than 30 years of presence in the country, Drummond continues to bet on generating value for Colombia, through mining carried out with the highest environmental, technological and industrial safety standards.

“In the midst of the situation, in 2020 Drummond paid its national and local suppliers US$ 669 million, and it maintained its social responsibility programs with the help of digital tools. The company also delivered a monthly average of $70,803 million in royalties to the nation,” concluded Linares.