Drummond celebrates new scholarship winners in its areas of influence

Cienaga, February 12, 2021

*Seventeen young people in our area of influence were pleased to receive the news that they have joined the 150 students who have already benefited from the Drummond Scholarship Program.

After a process of evaluation and selection, 4 young people from the Department of Magdalena and 13 from the Department of Cesar heard the announcement in a ceremony that they had won a Drummond Scholarship. The company sponsors these scholarships in order to promote quality education as part of its social responsibility and outreach to the communities.

The ceremonies took place on Friday, February 12, using a virtual platform as a way to meet all of the biosafety protocols brought by the pandemic. In Magdalena, the ceremony was held at 10:00 a.m. and in Cesar it took place at 3:00 p.m. Both events began with a prayer and a message of gratitude given by Father Augusto Bayer.

Then the President of Drummond Ltd. Colombia, Jose Miguel Linares, gave a speech emphasizing “Drummond Ltd. is a company that wants to change lives. That is why we design programs that benefit the communities, such as the scholarship program. This company will continue to be committed to quality education as a basic pillar of our social responsibility in order to see development not only in the region, but in all of Colombia.”

The scholarship winners in Magdalena were:

  • Justin Alfonso Olaya from the Dario Torregroza Perez School and Daniela Fernanda Perdomo from the El Carmen School in the municipality of Cienaga.
  • Veronica Beatriz Pacheco from the Armando Estrada Florez School and Viela Patricia Vivanco from the Rodrigo Vives de Andreis School in the municipality of Zona Bananera.

“I want to thank Drummond for giving me the opportunity to be one of the scholarship winners. This new stage for me will help me gain a lot of knowledge, and I promise complete dedication to doing well in my academic work,” stated Justin Alfonso Olaya, winner of a Drummond Scholarship 2021 in the municipality of Cienaga, Magdalena.

In the Department of Cesar the winners were:

  • Manuela Beltran and Fabian Jose Muñoz from the Montelibano Integrated School in the municipality of El Copey.
  • Marisol Vergara from the Eloy Quintero Araujo School in the municipality of Bosconia.
  • Uver Andres Quiroz from the Benito Ramos Trespalacios School in the municipality of El Paso (La Loma).
  • Karen Lizeth Bautista and Luz Ediana Barrios from the Luis Felipe Centeno Agricultural School in the municipality of Chiriguana (Poponte).
  • Aelyn Vanessa Villegas and Daniela Castilla Martinez from the Luis Carlos Galan Sarmiento School in the municipality of La Jagua de Ibirico.
  • Jennifer Camila Loaiza and Luis Mario Diaz from the Agustin Codazzi School; and Lina Marcela Muñoz from the Luis Giraldo School in the municipality of Agustin Codazzi.
  • Pedro Luis Montaño and Santiago Barrera from the Trujillo School in the municipality of Becerril.

“This is a really happy moment. I thank God for this great opportunity and I thank Drummond because, with this award, I know I am going to be able to get ahead in life, fulfilling my dreams of being a public accountant,” stated Lina Marcela Muñoz, one of the Drummond Scholarship winners 2021 in the municipality of Casacara, Agustin Codazzi, Cesar, when she received the news.

The winners had to meet different requirements such as: academic excellence during high school (which grants a maximum score of 50%), good ICFES standardized test results (40%), and the parents’ income (10%), all of which add up to 100% of the points. Once chosen, Drummond will assume the complete cost of each students´ chosen course of study, plus a subsidy for expenses that currently totals $1,080,000.

With this new set of scholarship winners, Drummond reaffirms its commitment to its communities, using education as an engine for development and for encouraging young people at the schools in their areas of influence to work hard at school to get ready to take advantage of these opportunities that will contribute to the country’s growth.