Drummond continues to work on behalf of its communities during the COVID-19 emergency, donating 13,500 food parcels in Cesar and Magdalena

La Loma, May 7, 2020

Understanding the needs in its area of influence, Drummond Ltd. has again donated groceries to vulnerable communities in Cesar and Magdalena as part of its work to promote the general welfare in the midst of the emergency caused by COVID-19.

Through the Association of Colombian Food Banks in Magdalena and the Mi Futuro supermarket in Cesar, and thanks to support from regional institutions, 13,500 families in 14 municipalities of Cesar and Magdalena received essential items that will support them nutritionally during the quarantine.

This most recent delivery is on top of the 13,300 food parcels the mining company donated to people in its area of influence at the beginning of April, for a total of 26,800 bags of basic food products. Workers from the company also donated 222 food parcels to the inhabitants of Boqueron, in the municipality of La Jagua de Ibirico, and the company delivered an additional 170 baskets to the Port Authority and the Coast Guard in Magdalena to benefit vulnerable communities on the coast. In addition, some of the company’s contractors donated 1,000 food parcels in La Loma to make their contribution to food security.

“As the public and private sectors join forces, we can provide some relief for this humanitarian crisis. For the municipality of Algarrobo it is significant for us to be able to count on the private sector. Through this donation, Drummond helps us and encourages us to hang in there and keep fighting for our people,” stated Licet Prieto, mayor of Algarrobo, Magdalena, a town that received 500 food parcels.

In Cesar, the municipalities of La Jagua de Ibirico, El Paso, Chiriguana, Becerril, Agustin Codazzi, Bosconia, El Copey and Valledupar benefited from this initiative. In Magdalena, the towns receiving humanitarian assistance were Algarrobo, Fundacion, Aracataca, Zona Bananera, Cienaga and Santa Marta. “This is a great relief, this significant contribution from Drummond that will help mitigate the situation. Thank you to all the workers from Drummond and to the company, because the food parcels we received will help us greatly,” expressed Efrain Ortega, mayor of Zona Bananera, a town that received 500 food parcels.

The mayor of Becerril, Raul Machado, thanked the company for “this social work done out of its corporate social responsibility, that is so important for our town of Becerril, for our most needy and vulnerable communities. We are going to visit their houses with this humanitarian assistance of a food parcel that contains 13 basic food items.”

Each one of Drummond’s efforts in response to the COVID-19 emergency is in line with our corporate social responsibility strategy, and contributes to meeting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2, 8 and 17.