Drummond Delivers Sports Equipment to Winners of the “2017 Summer Tournament”

La Loma, January 3, 2017

*Champions and runners-up receiving the awards.

Drummond Ltd. participated in the 4th annual sports event, the “2017 Summer Tournament”, in La Loma, Cesar, in order to develop and implement mechanisms that facilitate the continuous improvement of the relationships with the communities in the area of influence.

Rafael Garcia, Coordinator for the Community Relations office at Drummond Ltd, delivered 44 uniforms, 10 balls, and 2 trophies to the champions and runners-up of this tournament. 

The goal of performing this sports event every year, is to unite people of all ages from the best soccer teams in Chiriguana, El Paso, La Loma, and La Jagua de Ibirico to compete for the soccer championship title in the region.

*Champions and runners-up with the trophies

“I have been playing soccer since I was 8 years old. It is my first time participating in the tournament, and I do it because I would like to be a soccer player in the future. I am thankful to Drummond for being involved in this tournament,” expressed Simeon Bastidas, the highest scoring athlete of the tournament.

It is very important for Drummond to continue supporting sports activities that unite players and fans, with the goal of generating spaces for healthy recreation and coexistence, creating a sense of belonging in their roots.  For this reason, Mario Contreras, vice-president for the tournament’s Board of Directors stated:   “Drummond Ltd. has supported us a lot. We wholeheartedly wish that we are able to hold the tournament again next year, and that Drummond is able to join us”.

This activity was performed in compliance with Drummond Ltd.’s Community Strengthening program, which will continue to develop and implement strategies to improve the living conditions in the region, achieving its mission as a good neighbor.