Drummond Delivers to CORPOCESAR Equipment for the Measurement of Air Quality in the Corregimientos of La Aurora and Rincón Hondo, Cesar

June 23, 2016

CORPOCESAR and Drummond Ltd. officials during the transfer of air quality measurement equipment

CORPOCESAR and Drummond Ltd. officials during the transfer of air quality measurement equipment

Drummond Ltd. continues to fulfill its responsibility to reaffirm its commitment to the environment and communities. Recently, it delivered two air quality measurement systems to the monitoring network of the Autonomous Regional Corporation of Cesar (CORPOCESAR: Corporación Autónoma Regional  del Cesar), which is responsible for monitoring air quality throughout the central area of the department.

The company donated two air quality monitoring systems for real-time measurement that were installed at the ZM12 and ZM5 stations, located in Rincón Hondo and La Aurora, respectively, with the objective of improving the technology and establishing real-time monitoring which permits issuing alerts when pollution events occur. This met one of the regulations of the National Environmental License Authority (ANLA: Autoridad Nacional de Licencias Ambientales) and strengthens the monitoring network of the air quality surveillance system of Cesar.

“For us this delivery has been very interesting and effective as we have considered the mining projects as strategic partners who are interested in improving air quality, and the ultimate goal is to have air quality that is breathable, healthy and in accord with the environment,” said Álvaro Acosta, Technical Director of CORPOCESAR’s Air Quality laboratory.

During the transfer, devices were verified in optimal condition for installation and met all defined requirements. CORPOCESAR’s monitoring network has several stations at various places, such as La Loma, Boquerón, La Jagua de Ibirico, Becerril, Plan Bonito, La Victoria, Las Palmitas, Rincón Hondo, La Aurora and Cerrajones.

“These contributions strengthen the network made by mining companies like Drummond and are very good. This way we can better cover the air analysis area, which is good for the communities. Through these agreements, the alliance for the improvement of community wellbeing is strengthened.” So said Keider Magdaniels, Technical Coordinator of CORPOCESAR’s air quality monitoring system.

Being a good neighbor forms part of our corporate social responsibility. For this reason, Drummond Ltd. will continue to support projects that improve the quality of life of the residents in our areas of influence.