Drummond Dialogues with Contractors and Providers to Strengthen its Work in Human Rights

Cienaga, November 21, 2018

Human rights advisor, Jose Rafael Unda, opening the session with contractors and providers.

As part of Drummond Ltd.’s continuous dialogue with its stakeholders, the company recently hosted the third of a series of meetings for providers and contractors of the mining and port operations.  These sessions are held to inform stakeholders about Drummond’s environmental management plan, the advances that have been implemented in the area of human rights, and issues related to safety and sustainability.

During two previously held meetings, one at the end of 2017 and the other during the first half of 2018, Drummond shared about the company’s human rights policy and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. 

For this latest session, organized in the second half of the year, Drummond Ltd. talked with the group about its environmental work, the Management Plan implemented at each site, and the Management System for the Risk of Asset Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, or SARLAFT (for the Spanish). It also covered the reporting channel Drummond Ltd. created for use by different stakeholders to respond to queries regarding the application of the Business Ethics Program and to receive reports about any anomaly or conduct counter to the company’s policies or human rights. 

The Director of Industrial Safety, Johnny Guerrero, reinforced the idea of safety as a culture of prevention. He stated, “Drummond has any number of risks associated with the production of coal that have been clearly detected, and the work of contractors is fundamental, because they are our strategic partners and allies in producing positive results in the area of industrial safety.”  He challenged those in attendance to carefully observe every action they take and to make safety a lifestyle. 

Participants of the event were Human Rights Advisor, Jose Rafael Unda; Pablo Urrutia, Vice President of Communications and Public Relations; Jorge Cotes, Purchase Manager; Johnny Guerrero, Director of Industrial Safety; Juan Fernando Muñoz, Compliance System Coordinator, and two representatives from the company’s environmental area in the mining and port operations, Supervisor Pedro Lopez and Project Engineer, Jhon Encinales. Together with the contractors and providers in attendance, they formed a group of approximately 100 people.

Purchasing Manager Jorge Cotes closed the event by drawing attention to and expressing gratitude for the participation of the guests, “You are our allies. Together we are going to produce more than 31,000 million tons this year – not just the 5,000 employees of Drummond, but the 10,000 people who enter and exit the mining project daily.”

The contractors expressed gratitude for the invitation and for Drummond Ltd.’s partnership with them in the operations and other matters the contractors and providers handle for the company, “Thank you, because you have been a company with whom relations are transparent. You are easy to approach. Thank you for all the amazing support you give us; your contributions to the work are valuable to us.”