Drummond joins the Board of Directors of CME

April 5, 2019

*Pablo Urrutia, Vice-President of Communications and Public Relations of Drummond Ltd. and responsible for the Human Rights issues in the Company, during one of his interventions in the CME Assembly.

During the General Assembly of the Energy and Mining Committee (CME) on March 29 (, Drummond Ltd. was elected a member of the Board of Directors. The CME is a multi-stakeholder initiative dedicated to promoting Human Rights (HRs) in Colombia, particularly in terms of the relations between companies, the communities in their area of influence and the State.

The new Board of Directors for the period 2019-2021 designated by the Assembly was formed by ISA INTERCOLOMBIA, WEST OF COLOMBIA, DRUMMOND LTD, COLOMBIAN ASSOCIATION OF OIL and CREER-IHRB. The Presidential Council for Human Rights and International Affairs, the Ministry of National Defense and the Embassy of Canada participate as permanent guests.

There were 23 members that participated in the Assembly. The President of the National Hydrocarbons Agency, Luis Miguel Morelli; the Director of Sustainability of the Colombian Mining Trade Association, Carolina Gutiérrez; the Director of Public Safety and Infrastructure of the Ministry of Defense, Álvaro Chaves, and representatives from the embassies of the United States, Canada and the Netherlands participated as well.

Mr. Morelli expressed his support for the construction of the Security and Human Rights Protocol in which he will be leading the CME during 2019, and offered his management to summon other relevant actors of the hydrocarbons industry in the country.

Within the framework of the Assembly, the training pilot on Voluntary Principles (PV) for Security and Human Rights was launched. It is a set of four modules designed by the PV international initiative.

Also, the publication “The corporate responsibility to respect human rights was presented. Human: A practical reading of multi-stakeholder initiatives in Colombia ” was presented.  It is the first document jointly produced by multi-stakeholder initiatives CME, Global Compact and Guides Colombia, and it brings together recommendations and practical tools that companies can adopt to ensure due diligence in human rights.