Drummond Ltd. Awarded Fourteen New Scholarships

February 9, 2016

*Including the 14 new recipients, now 89 low-income young people in Cesar and Magdalena have received scholarships.

Entrega de becas 2016_DLTD

The company is convinced that the best legacy it can give to the region’s young people is education. This can be seen through its scholarship program, which has benefited 89 low-income young people with excellent academic performance from municipalities near the company’s operation in the departments of Cesar and Magdalena.

The recipents officially received their certificates to higher education at special ceremonies held for the winning students in Magdalena at the Hotel Estelar Santamar’s convention center in Santa Marta on February 4th, and for the beneficiaries in Cesar at the Hotel Sicarare in Valledupar on February 5th.

“This is my opportunity to move forward. Having a Drummond scholarship helps me visualize my future, a better future for me and my family. Drummond has filled me with happiness and hope,” said Daivelis Villamizar upon receiving the good news of being a beneficiary of the scholarship program.

For his part, Clayton Herrera, an electronics engineer graduated from Drummond Ltd.’s scholarship program, stated, “From the time I entered this program my life, and therefore my family’s life, changed as Drummond financed my studies and gave me the opportunity to do my internship at the company. Now I work directly with the company. Thanks to Drummond’s support I pay for my siblings’ education. Thanks to this great experience we have built progress.”

The awardees in the department of Magdalena are:

Marcela Patricia Ramírez Piña from Orihueca, Andrés José Narváez Vivanco from Zona Bananera and Daivelis del Carmen Villamizar Lozano from Varela

The new beneficiaries in the department of Cesar are:

Andrea Carolina Corzo Díaz from Cuatro Vientos, José Jaime Cantillo Gámez from Bosconia, and Anggie Paola Pabón Pallares, Katherine Dayana Caro Carrillo, Bleidis Marcela Herrera Paloma and María José Varela Martínez from Codazzi, as well as Andrea Carolina Camelo Castro and José David Bautista Aguilar from Chiriguaná, and Ginella Bermúdez Mariano and Didier Rodrigo González Ballestas from La Loma

The company will cover the cost of university tuition for the duration of the academic program, as well as a monthly allowance for the support of each of these new awardees.

For Drummond Ltd. it is satisfying to be able to contribute tools for the education and progress of the new generations living near its projects.