Drummond Ltd. Certifies New truck Operators Through the In House Training Program

June 21, 2016

Pictured: part of the group of mining truck apprentices certified by the company

Pictured: part of the group of mining truck apprentices certified by the company

As an example of the great commitment of Drummond Ltd. to the development of the region and the communities in the area of influence of its mining, the company’s Training Department, through its in-house program, has certified a total of 24 apprentices as new operators of Caterpillar 793 and 777 series mining trucks. They were shown the competencies required by the company for employment, and thus created better opportunities for their future.

After a rigorous selection process, the apprentices started their training phase, where they acquire knowledge of the mining equipment and developed the skills needed for a safe and productive operation in accordance with the industrial safety and performance policies and standards of Drummond Ltd.

The in-house program was created in 2009 with the objective of providing training to young people born in the towns around the mining project. Since then 21 groups have been completed, adding up to more than 450 apprentices trained in the operation of various kinds of large-scale mining equipment. This effort has included more than 140,000 hours of training.

Therefore, Francisco Torres, Training Supervisor in the Truck Area, stated that one of the fundamental objectives is to drive the professional development and the preparation of the new generations who are going to become part of the company. “The expectation is that this new group will become part of the company. The hope is that they will continue working and sharing knowledge that helps them to improve their lifestyle and that of their families,” he said.

One of the new operators receives his certification.

One of the new operators receives his certification.

Likewise, Fabio Albor, Specialist Trainer of Group 3 in the Truck Area, ratified that the process with this in-house group was carried out successfully according to our quality standards. “We expect that everything they have learned, in a technical and integral manner, will be applied in their work, and that thus not only will they be productive individuals in the company but they will also contribute wellbeing to their households,” he said.

The training also permitted giving a wider vision of various areas of operation, both at the Pribbenow mine and at the El Descanso mine, to the new operators who through these programs see a reason to work for Drummond with greater efficiency and better quality standards.

In regard to this, Esnaider Javier Ortiz, one of the certified operators, expressed his gratitude to the company. “I firstly thank God for this opportunity that Drummond has given me, because I’ve grown as a person during this time. We have seen changes in our lives, we are trained as operators, and I hope that in the future we will have new goals, in addition to the importance of always working responsibly.”

Having workers who are better trained and who are motivated to carry out their daily work is one of the company’s objectives. For this reason, its principal gain lies in the training and preparation of its human resources as part of the cycle of continuous improvement.