Drummond Ltd. Confirms its Social Commitment by Training Professionals

October 10, 2016

*Mining Engineering students from Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina accompanied by Drummond Ltd.’s administrative personnel at the Viewpoint, Ramp 7.

*Mining Engineering students from Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina are accompanied by Drummond Ltd.’s administrative personnel at the Viewpoint, Ramp 7.

With the aim of supporting the training of professionals in the country, Drummond Ltd. opened its doors to different grades of Mining Engineering students from Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina. This allowed them to see the different activities and functions in several departments of the company including: operations, social work and projects being developed to mitigate the environmental impacts resulting from coal production.

The students arrived with many doubts on how work takes place at a mine and the level of Drummond Ltd.’s commitment to the communities and the environment.  Their concerns were resolved by the administrative staff.  Leonardo Armenta Alonso, Administrative Assistant of the Community Relations Departments explained to them how the Social Responsibility Program of the company was created and how it operates. He showed them the social projects that benefit the communities in the area of influence.

“I did not know Drummond, I only had references. Now I have a good image. You are working in all aspects: environmental management, industrial safety, occupational health, environment and social responsibility; the latter is one of the best management systems that may exist, because it encompasses all the previous ones.  I consider that you are doing excellent work,” stated Adriana Carolina Royero Ibarra, Professor at Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina.

The presentation continued with the participation of Fray Orozco, Supervisor of the Environmental Department, who mentioned the control measures the company carries out to develop clean mining.  Orozco presented the environmental management plan, relevant aspects such as air quality, vegetation restoration, wild fauna handling and solid waste treatment.

The supervisor made emphasis on the importance of the students’ presence at Drummond Ltd. for their professional development, stating that they should be acquainted with the procedures in a tangible way, so that after living the experience, they are clear on how the practices are performed and may form their own opinions about open pit mining.

The students also recognized the importance of learning everything about mining. Marco Antonio Chamorro Florez, Ninth semester Mining Engineering student assured that “as Mining Engineering students, we must be familiarized with the mining sector and it is very important to have clear concepts. It is important that while I am still at school, I am in the ninth semester, that we are shown how the processes at a mine take place.”

Luwing Otero, Long-Term Planning Engineer at the Engineering Department, also discussed important topics of the company, enhancing that it is possible to do mining but with responsibility.

“I think that Drummond does its best regarding negative environmental impact mitigation.  They apply whatever can be done.  During the discussion they mentioned that the sole method used for particles mitigation is sprinkling, that they use water and at times they combine it with suppressors.  Everything currently available to mitigate every impact is used by them, therefore I have a good image. I can now defend mining and Drummond and their good practices,” stated Luis David Sánchez Arciniegas, seventh semester Mining Engineering student.

Drummond Ltd. reaffirms being committed with the education and development of Colombians, and to continue environmentally responsible mining.

Drummond Ltd., a good neighbor!