Drummond Ltd. contributes to the formation of musicians in the Caribbean Region

La Loma, December 13, 2017

As part of its Social Responsibility program with the communities belonging to its zone of influence, Drummond Ltd supported the musical talent of children in the Caribbean Region who are part of the Musical Bombardinos de Colombia Foundation.


During six days, the first tour of concerts of the “Symphonic Caribbean Bands” took place. The project is carried out by the Foundation and led by professor Heder Hernandez Martinez, who with the support given by Drummond Ltd and Yamaha, was able to meet the dreams of the 150 kids between the ages of 10 and 17 in the townships of La Jagua de Ibirico, Becerril, and Valledupar. These kids have found in music an alternative to grow and have fun in a healthy way.    

“Drummond´s great contribution is fundamental for the realization of the tour. Drummond Ltd has been very committed with the educational processes in the department of Cesar and its zones of influence, contributing to culture and musical events of the children in the region,” said the coordinator Heder Hernandez.

Through this Project that unites the international symphonic band with the porro, vallenato, and cumbia, Drummond Ltd. hopes to contribute and safeguard the musical patrimony of the Colombian Caribbean, apart from educating children and young adults who play instruments and sing musical genres that incentivize values and healthy recreation.  

“The invitation is for parents to take the kids to cultural classes, to enroll them in musical programs and help them grow. Children who are artists are better prepared to gain knowledge in schools. The doors are open, it is the children who need to come in and enroll in these musical education processes,” stated Hernandez.

It is important for Drummond Ltd to reiterate, through these activities, its commitment to the development and sustainability of the populations that are part of its mining and port operations.