Drummond Ltd. Delivers the Casacara-Platanal Road

La Loma, June 26, 2020

*Alfredo Araujo Drummond Community Relations Manager, with Omar Benjumea, mayor of Agustin Codazzi, and Regulo Maestre, Operations Coordinator, during the official delivery.municipio de Agustín Codazzi, Omar Benjumea y Régulo Maestre, Coordinador de Operaciones durante la entrega de la vía.

Drummond Ltd. delivered the 27 recovered kilometers of the Casacara-Platanal road to communities in Cesar. The high-impact project, in which it invested $1,400,000,000 pesos, will benefit local people and visitors to the region.

The project, with the participation of contractors from Cesar – Ingenieria y Servicios HG and Grupo La Jagua S.A.S. – was done in response to a request from the mayor of Agustin Codazzi, Omar Benjumea Ospino, who asked for support from the company to rehabilitate the road.

“We are grateful to Drummond because they heard the call of the people in this region, who had never before received such strong support for fixing its roads. Thank you for your commitment to the communities,” expressed Omar Benjumea, mayor of Agustin Codazzi.

The road work began on May 10 and concluded on June 16, 2020. It used alluvium from Drummond’s El Descanso mine to repair the stretches in bad condition and widen the road to 8 meters.

“On behalf of everyone in the Vegoña, Platanal, and Casacara districts, we would like to express our satisfaction with this road that was previously in bad shape, making circulation very complicated. Now it only takes half an hour to make the trip. As a community we are very grateful to Drummond,” stated Edinson Calvo, community leader in Casacara.

People can now travel the 27-kilometer stretch of road, after the repairs, in 35 minutes. That represents a reduction of an hour and a half in travel time, a significant benefit for the communities. In addition to the roadwork, Drummond installed three metallic bridges at sites with wooden structures, since those bridges´ usefulness had ended.

Within the framework of its corporate social responsibility strategy, Drummond will continue to contribute to the development of the municipalities where it operates, through projects that benefit the communities.