Drummond Ltd. Reaches more La Loma Communities with its Tree-Planting Program

August 19, 2016

The President of the 7 de Febrero neighborhood Community Action Board receives the trees.

The President of the 7 de Febrero neighborhood Community Action Board receives the trees.

Drummond Ltd. made a new distribution of trees in the 7 de Febrero neighborhood, and to the CDI Mis Primeros Pasos and CDI Mis Primeros Días child development centers, located in the corregimiento of La Loma, Cesar with the aim of continuing to carry out the tree-planting program created by through the company’s Community Relations and Environmental Departments.
This project, which has already reached diverse neighborhoods and educational institutions of the corregimiento of La Loma, and has educated the residents in these towns on topics of environmental sensitization, correct tree planting and tree maintenance, and has the hopes that the communities will enjoy an optimal environment for their development.

Therefore, prior to the distributions the communities will participate in educational talks on the correct handling of these trees, which are produced at the company’s tree nursery located at the Pribbenow mine. Native varieties of trees, both timber-yielding and fruit trees, are grown there, and it is one of the principal supports of the environmental initiatives led by the company.

“When Drummond trained us, they gave us the strategy of adopting the trees. So that’s a strategy that we’re going to use with these trees, and we’re going to try in every way to water them and maintain them,” said Luz Marina Altamar Escobar, Coordinator of the Centro de Desarrollo Infantil Mis Primeros Días.

In this regard, the company continues to provide support to the communities and institutions to verify that the tree planting is meeting the planned objective of revegetation and recovery of the environment by strengthening the processes for training and tree distribution. “We have already started working with parents, and also with part of the community, raising their awareness because through this work we’re going to involve children, teachers and the community in general,” said Elisa Maria Payares, Administrator of the CDI Mis Primeros Pasos.

On this occasion 25 poison ash trees, 100 cañahuate trees, 25 yellow fig trees and 100 lignum vitae trees, for a total of 250 timber-yielding trees, were distributed.

We have improved the bonds of collaboration between the company and its neighbors in the communities in the area of influence of mining with the aim of expanding a culture of responsibility and awareness in relation to the environment and its conservation. “I know the company because I worked at Drummond for twenty years. It is a welcoming company, a marvelous company. This kind of project that it promotes makes me happy,” said Enis Gabriela Córdoba Molina, President of the Community Action Board of the 7 de Febrero neighborhood.

Through these activities, Drummond Ltd. confirms its character as an ally and good neighbor of each of the communities in the area of influence, while promoting its spirit of fostering environments that are favorable for the progress of each of these groups.