Drummond Ltd. received delegates from the Dutch Federation of Trade Unions (FNV)

June 3, 2016

After visiting the company’s mining activities in La Loma, Cesar, the FNV delegates, together with Drummond Ltd.’s directives, discussed industrial, environmental safety and operational procedures.

Visita de delegados de la FNV_DLTD

FNV delegates visiting the El Paujil dam.

“It is very interesting to understand the company’s perspective in relation to different subjects: environmental impacts, occupational health, social relations and social fabric as well as within the company and at the administrative area level. It is very good that the company opened this space.” expressed Mauricio Rubiano, International Consultant for the FNV.

During the walk through Drummond Ltd’s installations, the FNV members had the opportunity to visit the El Paujil dam at the Pribbenow mine. They were also able to appreciate the various safety measures implemented for the company’s equipment. The delegates also observed the sprinkler technology implemented by Drummond Ltd. to prevent and mitigate the emissions of particulate matter to avoid any impact in the quality of the air surrounding neighboring communities.

In relation to this, Nikolaus Valerius, Director of Hard Coal, Gas, and Biomass for RWE in Germany and the Netherlands, declared that: “in Europe, we look at the way in which coal is used in the whole supply chain, and this causes discussions and issues in Europe. But by coming here and seeing that you are also on an improvement track, also with the Bettercoal initiative, we really see that you are moving forward, and we like that.” Likewise, in terms of the mining operation and environmental processes, he expressed the following: “I was expecting that you would dig the holes and take the coal out, as in many countries in the world. But I saw also that you are doing re-cultivation, which means that you revegetate the zones where there is no more coal, and create a new landscape. This also follows the European style and I like that very much.”

The visit was received by the Vice-president of Human Resources, Ricardo Urbina; the Industrial Safety Manager for Mining Operations, Oscar Vega Escaño, and Claudia Rivas, administrative manager, apart from the directors and managers from the main areas, who led the development of the agenda.

It is important to highlight that for Drummond, these visits have become appropriate spaces to present the responsible procedures carried out by the company, including its work with the surrounding communities and an environmentally sustainable operation that brings progress to Colombia.