Drummond Ltd. Receives the Country’s Association of Regional Autonomous Corporations and Sustainable Development Corporations

May 16, 2016

*The Regional Autonomous Corporations and Sustainable Development Corporations of Chocó, Caldas, Santander, Bogotá, the Amazon Region, San Andrés Islands, La Guajira, Tolima and other departments of the country, toured Drummond Ltd.’s Pribbenow mine in La Loma, Cesar.

Visita Corpocesar y Asocars_DLTD

Drummond Ltd. welcomed the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Cesar (CORPOCESAR: Corporación Autónoma Regional del Cesar) along with fifteen other corporations of the Association of Autonomous Corporations (ASOCARS: the Asociación de Corporaciones Autónomas) from diverse areas of the country during its 11th Meeting of Governing Secretariats of the Regional Autonomous Corporations and Sustainable Development Corporations of the Country.  This is part of the program to socialize and allow the communities in the area of influence to experience the mines. In this way, the local authorities and national authorities are able to view the facilities of the principal mining center in their area.

“The example that we are observing here at Drummond’s mine is inordinate from the environmental point of view. As environmentalists we know the risk the environment faces. However, I acknowledge that the company’s work is good and manages to mitigate in a positive and effective way the impact it has on the environment. Therefore, we applaud the company because it is contributing to the creation of employment and contributing to protection of the environment,” said Lilia Dávila, Executive Secretary of the Corporación Coralina of the island of San Andrés.

Visitors had the opportunity to view the various overlooks of the mine (Paujil, Ramp 7 and Load Out), from where the operating process executed in Drummond’s mines can be observed. During the tour the administrative and operating team spoke on the coal mining and production processes, as well as the current projects for forest compensation, relocation of fauna and flora, and environmental revegetation that the company carries out as an example of the strong social commitment it has assumed with the department and the country.

Visita Corpocesar y Asocars 1_DLTD

In this regard, Raúl Suárez Peña, CORPOCESAR’S Assistant Director of Environmental Management who also handles the subject of compensation, expressed his surprise at Drummond’s great work for the environment. “I’ve been coming to the mine for twenty years, and there are many things that surprise me because the changes in favor of the environment have been remarkable. Drummond has advanced greatly in the last twenty years…I also recognize that of all of the companies, Drummond is the one that has best copied the environmental model based on my recommendations. The company is without any doubt the most obedient student.”

Definitely, all of this is evidence of the clear, effective and responsible action of the company in favor of the natural ecosystems and their protection over time.

“This is the first time I’ve come here, and I think it is a great complex and a very large project. I feel that the knowledge and learning have been very fruitful as they have place great emphasis on environmental matters, and they should continue so we can mitigate the impact. I am certain that if we all do our part we can reduce it,” said Claireth Mejía, Executive Secretary of the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Cesar.

With visits such as these, Drummond Ltd. continues to reinforce its commitment to Colombia and to carrying out responsible mining that creates development and progress for everyone.