Drummond Ltd. signs collective union agreement with Sintradem

La Loma, September 28, 2017

Drummond would like to inform that it signed a collective labor agreement with the union organization called Sintradem.

This new collective agreement, which will be in effect until June 2019, contains exactly the same benefits as the other union agreements we signed last year. For Drummond it is very important to avoid the generation of differentiating factors among employees. Those affiliated to Sintradem had already been receiving union benefits under the other current collective agreements. With this signing, we conclude the labor negotiations with the totality of the Company’s union organizations.

It is important to recognize the conciliatory behavior and efforts displayed by the parties, which allowed us to arrive to this agreement through direct dialogue, even when the arbitration award issued by an Arbitration Court was about to come into effect.  

We want to highlight the joint statement issued during the signing of the agreement: “The parties consider that the signing of this collective agreement is a clear message to the country and the region that a direct and constructive dialogue is still the ideal mechanism for the resolution of the differences that can arise in the development of labor relationships”.

Drummond is pleased with the signing of this collective agreement, which will help us continue working together to carry out responsible mining.