Drummond Ltd. supports efforts to put out forest fire in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

March 30, 2014

Starting at 2 PM yesterday and for as long as necessary, Drummond Ltd. will be providing support to the Mayor of Ciénaga, the Fire Department of that municipality and the Colombian Air Force (CAF) to fight the forest fire that has affected close to 3,000 hectares of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. To do so, an Air Force Black Hawk helicopter was allowed to land at Puerto Drummond’s facilities, and a meeting room was provided for crisis management, food and water to respond to the emergency. The water resources that were supplied are part of a reserve that is located at the facilities of the company’s port headquarters.

According to official information, the center of the fire is located in the areas of the La Aguja stream, La Secreta (sector of the Guacamayo) and Siberia, within the jurisdiction of the municipality of Ciénaga, Magdalena. To counteract it, close to 5,ooo gallons of water have been taken from Puerto Drummond in the CAF’s helicopter, which have been sprayed all over the fire in 8 loads so far. The first stage of the work to put out the forest fire that is consuming the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the lungs of the Caribbean region, ended last night at 7 PM and re-started today, March 30, at 7 AM.

For Drummond Ltd. it is extremely important to be a part of this effort to try to protect the country’s major environmental reserve and to do everything in its power to counteract this raging fire.