Drummond Ltd. supports Santa Marta with water supply due to shortage.

Ciénaga, April 21st of 2022

*Up to now, Puerto Drummond has been able to contribute more than 2 million liters of water to the communities in the capital of Magdalena, who are encountering a shortage and that were previously identified by the ESSMAR E.S.P.

* Loading process at the adequate location in Puerto Drummond for the supply of water, which began last Friday April 8th.

The dry season, which has affected thousands of families in Santa Marta and other nearby areas, led to the declaration of public calamity by the local authorities due to the low flow levels presented by the rivers that supply the city’s drinking water treatment plants. For this reason, Drummond Ltd., enabled, at its port location, the supply of crude water from deep wells concessioned for said port terminal. In this way, to date, the company has contributed 2.407.910 liters of water to the city of Santa Marta.

During the loading process into the vehicles, the water is treated with chlorine by the company and delivered to the Santa Marta District Public Services Company, ESSMAR E.S.P., in charge of processing and developing the relevant activities to verify the quality of the water, and subsequently supply it to approximately 260.000 inhabitants in Santa Marta.

For the above, several meetings and field visits took place between Drummond Ltd. and the ESSMAR E.S.P., where a plan was designed to load the tractor trailers and tanker trucks, equipment in charge of mobilizing the crude water with chlorine from Puerto Drummond to the various locations or communities in the city.

For the supply from Puerto Drummond, a fill tower was designed and built according to the needs and capabilities of the vehicles (43.381 liters – tractor trailers / 21.955 liters – tanker trucks). Currently, an average daily load of seven tractor trailers per day is conducted, equivalent to 303.667 liters, which are distributed according to the drought protocol established by the ESSMAR E.S.P. to be able to cover the zones that have been most affected.

María Fernanda Hinojosa Urquijo, engineer subscribed to the Sub Direction of Aqueduct and Sewer of the ESSMAR E.S.P., thanked for the support provided by Drummond Ltd. to be able to contribute this hydric resources to the Santa Marta families.

“With the loading from the well to the vehicles that are authorized to activate the acting protocol and taking it to the city of Santa Marta, we will be able to attend the people of Santa Marta both in the Nort System as in the South System of the city (…). We would like to take this opportunity to thank Puerto Drummond for all the years of support, a company that has always been at the service and committed to the city of Santa Marta, even more so in this most critical drought season that we have been facing”, expressed the official.

From its commitment to the communities in its area of influence, Drummond Ltd., has joined efforts with this public entity to mitigate the negative conditions that affect the inhabitants of Santa Marta, always highlighting the importance of the preservation and conservation of hydric sources within and outside its operations.