Drummond Ltd. to Award 14 New Scholarships to Students from Low-Income Families

February 7, 2016

*The company’s program has assisted 89 young people from towns near its operations, with this most recent round of scholarships.

Angelica Herrera and Emilio Cruz, Drummond scholarship students.

Angelica Herrera and Emilio Cruz, Drummond scholarship students.


Drummond Ltd. is putting the final touches on its welcoming event for the 14 new students who will receive assistance through its scholarship program. In two special ceremonies, the students’ dedication and excellent academic performance will be recognized: on February 4th at the Estelar Hotel in Santa Marta for those from Magdalena, and on February 5th at the Sicarare Hotel in Valledupar for those from the Department of Cesar.

Thanks to the program, it has been possible for many young people, from 11 towns in Cesar and Magdalena, to receive an education and become professionals and technicians.

The scholarship winners will sign a document officially accrediting them as program beneficiaries and, for the duration of their chosen program of study, they will receive money for tuition each semester and a subsidy of more than 900,000 pesos per month for expenses such as food and lodging.

For Drummond Ltd., investing in education is just one way of leaving a lasting mark on the development of the region’s young people. This explains its constant involvement in the construction, remodeling, and equipping of classrooms, the construction of computer laboratories, the donation of musical instruments, and training for teachers in environmental education, among other initiatives. Thus, it can empower learning and improve the quality of life in the communities close to its projects.