Drummond once again Colombia’s leading coal exporter

For the second consecutive year, Drummond ranked first in Colombian coal exports with a total of 32,378,947 metric tons, exporting the commodity to 24 countries around the world, including Turkey, Israel, Korea, India, Chile, among others.

On the other hand, in 2017, for the first time Drummond was the first coal producer with 32,481,763 metric tons, compared to 28,419,381 metric tons during 2016. The department of Cesar was also ranked first in coal exports, closing 2017 with 56 million metric tons approximately, produced by the different projects that operate in that territory.

“Coal today represents 42% of the departmental GDP, referring specifically to the case of Cesar. At the Colombian level, between this department and La Guajira, 85% of Colombian coal is produced and about 98% of this mineral is being exported. This highlights the importance of coal in terms of the vital resources it generates for the development of Cesar and the country, facilitating peaceful coexistence in this period of reconciliation that we are experiencing,” said José Miguel Linares, President of Drummond Ltd.

Drummond’s projection for 2018 is to maintain similar levels of production, faithful to its commitment to carry out a sustainable and environmentally responsible operation.