Drummond Paves Roads in La Loma, Cesar

December 2, 2013

With an investment of more than 4.1 billion pesos, Drummond Ltd. paved roads in the town of La Loma in the municipality of El Paso, Cesar.

*Now residents of the El Carmen, Cañaguate, San Martín and Puente Seco neighborhoods can enjoy excellent access roads thanks to Drummond Ltd.

At an inaugural event, on November 20th Drummond Ltd. delivered 2.6 kilometers of roads in the community of La Loma. The residents of this community now have more than 24 blocks of paved streets.

“On behalf of the Association of Community Action Boards, we thank Drummond because it is the company that has invested the most in the municipality. From 1994 to the present, Drummond has made an investment of more than 8 billion pesos in the municipality of El Paso, Cesar. Drummond has opened the doors to our town. This company has invested in education, sports and healthcare for our community,” said Armando Perdomo, President of Asocomunal, at the event.

Nelcy Luqueta, President of the Municipal Council of El Paso, gives Alfredo Araujo, Community Relations Manager, and Claudia Marcela Rivas, Administrative Manager from Drummond Ltd., a scroll in recognition of their commitment to El Paso.

Drummond Ltd. executives in the company of the mayor of El Paso, Luis Alberto Murgas, the Director of Corpocesar, Kaleb Villalobos, and the Secretary of Mines from the Department of Cesar, Pedro Diaz, cut the ribbon for the official delivery of the project to the community.


This is not the only project that Drummond has carried out in the town of La Loma; in 2002, with an investment of more than 2.2 billion pesos, Drummond Ltd. delivered 2.9 kilometers of two-lane roads, along what is now the main avenue.

Some of the other projects undertaken by the company include the construction of the Valentin Manjarres rural school, which is now an educational institution with more than 1,200 students. Additionally, at the Benito Ramos Trespalacios Educational Institution, Drummond has built classrooms, a staff room for teachers and equipped the Digital Classroom.

For the company, it is important to contribute to improving the quality of life of the community’s residents, so it expanded, updated and equipped the Maternity and Children’s Center of La Loma and it built 4 oxidation ponds with an investment of 1.0 billion pesos.

During the inauguration ceremony, the Municipal Council of El Paso, through its President, gave Drummond Ltd. a certificate containing a resolution of appreciation for Garry Drummond, the company and the Community Relations Department for the investments that have been made over the years in the municipality. Additionally, at the initiative of Mayor Murgas Pupo, the Municipal Council unanimously approved a Municipal Agreement whereby the main avenue of the town of La Loma was named “Garry Drummond,” in honor and gratitude for the many services that he has provided to the local government.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Mayor of the Municipality of El Paso, Luis Alberto Murgas, his cabinet, all of the members of the Municipal Council, the Presidents of Asocomunal and the Community Action Boards from the neighborhoods benefitting from the program, members of the “Asciloma” Civic Association of La Loma de Calenturas, Wilson Perez Ascanio, Regional Inspector for the ANLA, Pedro Diaz, Secretary of Mines, who acted on behalf of the Government of the Department of Cesar; Kaleb Villabolobos, Director of Corpocesar, directors and representatives from associations such as Fenalco, the Circle of Journalists of Valledupar, the Agricultural Committee of Cesar, among others, as well as the community at large.

Drummond Ltd., a good neighbor!