Drummond rejects attack against employee

La Loma, Cesar, February 1, 2017

Drummond was informed early this morning that one of our employees, Mr. Augusto José Almeira, who is also a union leader in Sintramienergética, one of the five unions that operate in the Company, was attacked as he was leaving home to go to work.  Fortunately Mr. Almeira suffered no injuries.

According to Mr. Almeira´s report, as he exited his home he saw two suspicious individuals on a motorcycle, and he returned home and closed the door, after which three shots were fired at the door.

The company´s emergency protocols were activated immediately, informing the authorities.  After going to the scene of the crime and initiating the investigation, the Police went to our offices and briefed us on the details of the attack. However, the motive of the attack is still part of the ongoing investigation.

Drummond asked the authorities to investigate this matter to the fullest extent, and offered any assistance they may consider necessary.

Drummond rejects all acts of violence regardless of their origin, and will always do everything it can to protect its employees and respect for human rights wherever it operates.