Drummond rejects new threats against employees

La Loma, Cesar, May 11, 2019

Drummond has been informed that a pamphlet is circulating that contains threats against some of our employees, who in turn represent some of the unions with whom we are in the midst of collective negotiations. The threats include other people who apparently work for other mining companies. The company strongly rejects these threats.

We are urging the people subject to these threats to file complaints with the relevant authorities, and we ask that the corresponding investigations be carried out and that the necessary protection measures be taken.

At the beginning of April, Drummond started negotiations with eight of its unions, and we expect to subscribe collective bargaining agreements with each of them, with the company’s full willingness to come to an agreement that benefits all the workers represented by these union organizations.

Drummond, taking into account one of its pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility, which is promoting peace and respect for human rights, rejects all threats and violent actions, and again calls for peaceful coexistence.