Drummond rejects threats to union negotiators

April 9, 2019

Drummond has been informed that some of the union negotiators have received death threats. The company strongly rejects these threats.

The people subject to these threats have reported them to the authorities, and Drummond asks that the corresponding investigations be carried out and that the necessary protective measures are put in place.

Drummond invited the unions Sintramined, Sintradrummond, Sintramineros, Sintraminal, Sinempromi, Sintramienergetica, Agretritrenes and Sintradem this week, to begin negotiations that should lead to the signing of collective bargaining agreements with each of these unions. Drummond has a full disposition to reach an early agreement that benefits all the workers represented by these union organizations.

Drummond rejects all threats and violent actions and again calls for peaceful coexistence.