Drummond Releases Fauna in Protected Zones of its Concession on World Wildlife Day

La Loma, March 17, 2017

*Animals released.

*Animals released

In commemoration of World Wildlife Day, Drummond Ltd. released ten red-footed tortoises, two spectacled caimans, and a boa constrictor that were in the care of Corpocesar and the George Dahl Foundation. The release took place at the Pribbenow Mine in protected zones near Nolisa Creek, a tributary of the El Paujil channel.

The released animals were part of an outside capture made by the National Police. “The company was chosen because of its program to restore areas after mining, since it has ideal zones for the preservation of flora and fauna, with an abundant food supply for these species,” commented Pablo Patiño, General Coordinator of the Wildlife and Plant Assessment and Attention Center at Corpocesar.

Drummond Ltd. is committed to protecting plants and wildlife in the area of its concession, in particular in those areas set aside for conservation. Each year the company carries out about one hundred and fifty releases of internal captures. In the course of the year 2017, there have already been forty company wildlife releases.

In addition, Drummond Ltd. organizes regular campaigns to train its workers about the importance of wildlife and plant conservation, demonstrating its commitment to the preservation of the ecosystems intervened. The Supervisor of the Environmental Area at Drummond Ltd., Fray Orozco, expressed: We need to grow in our awareness of how important it is to take care of the animals. I encourage everyone to get behind wildlife protection programs. We can make a change in our ecosystems starting right at home.”