Drummond Renews its Sponsorship for the Valledupar Soccer Club

Valledupar, December 26, 2016

*The sponsorship contribution by the company will be used to supply the B, Sub 20 and Sub 17 categories of the Green and White Team.

*The sponsorship contribution by the company will be used to supply the B, Sub 20 and Sub 17 categories of the Green and White Team.

Drummond Ltd. has promoted sports in the regions within its zone of influence by generating spaces where young adults have a better quality of life, where respect and discipline can be promoted, as well as a sports culture. This motivated the company to become involved again as a sponsor of the Valledupar Soccer Club.

The company confirmed its involvement during a press conference carried out at the Mayales Shopping Center in Valledupar, where it announced the delivery of equipment for the development of sport activities.

“I am glad to see that they are thinking about the towns and young people who sadly become involve with drugs these days. Sports is the only way for them to have a different outlook and new hope. For me, being in the Club was the best, and I am thankful to God for having given me this opportunity to be a soccer player. I know that this help provided by Drummond together with the Valledupar Soccer Club is for the younger kids who follow us, and the future of the sport. I am, and we are very pleased with this donation”, expressed a member of the Valledupar Soccer Club, Javier Araujo.

The Colombian company Saeta, was the Brand chosen for the elaboration of the sportswear that will be work by the Valledupar Soccer Club in 2017. In other opportunities, this brand has been the one responsible for providing the uniforms for teams like Millonarios, Santa Fe, and America de Cali, among others.

Drummond Ltd. donated 60 complete training uniforms for the players, 135 uniforms for competition, 9 goalie uniforms, as well as travel bags, duffle bags, sweat suits, polos, and shorts, among other items distributed among the 3 sponsored categories to the Valledupar Soccer Club.

“This year we renewed the partnership with Drummond, and for 2017 their support will be much greater…This is something that makes us very happy because we know that it is an empowered brand that is associated with the region, and we are very happy that we will start being associated with it. We want to reflect what you have built along many years, and it is precisely how our motto says “Valledupar Soccer Club, everyone’s team”, and we definitely want Drummond to participate with us in that image that creates culture”, affirmed Jose Antonio Larrazabal, President of the Green and White Team.

Present during the event was the President of the Club Antonio Larrazabal and the members of the Board of Directors, Alberto Aroca and Jesualdo Morelli, as well as directives from the company, among which were Community Relations Manager, Alfredo Araujo, Communications Vice-President, Pablo Urrutia, and Human Resources Vice-President, Ricardo Urbina.

“We support the strengthening of sport schools and the realization of local competitions, and the support from the Valledupar Soccer Club is key, as a team that represents the longing and dreams of many of the fans. Through them, we’ve seen the possibility of consolidating the practice of sports like soccer, through the group that not only represents the city of Valledupar, but also the department of Cesar”, stated Community Relations Manager, Alfredo Araujo.

With the support to this team from the department of Cesar, Drummond Ltd once again secures its support towards sports, and activities that contribute to the wellbeing of surrounding communities.