Drummond Strengthens Athletics through Supporting the Magdalena Children’s Soccer Team.

Ciénaga, February 1, 2017

The Magdalena Children’s Soccer Team is wearing the competition uniforms donated by Drummond Ltd.

The Magdalena Children’s Soccer Team is wearing the competition uniforms donated by Drummond Ltd.

Drummond Ltd. donated uniforms and sporting goods to the Magdalena Children’s Soccer Team to support and encourage sporting culture among the children and young people in its area of influence. This is in response to the goals of the company’s Social Responsibility program, which seeks to strengthen the social fabric in the communities near its areas of influence.

“We would like to thank Drummond for their sponsorship of the department’s children’s league. The private and public alliance is what has allowed our children and young people to proudly wear our department’s colors. Drummond is setting a good example through its support of sporting activities which is a good step for our children to get ahead in life,” said the Secretary of Indeportes Magdalena, Carlos Páez.

The soccer team has been preparing for two months to win the title of National Champions in the children’s category, which enters the qualifying round on February 2nd in Barranquilla. “We are very happy and excited about this contribution by Drummond, because it motivates the children to perform well,” said the coach of the Magdalena Children’s Soccer Team, Luis Olivero.


At this event, Drummond Ltd. gave the Magdalena Children’s Soccer Team, 46 sets of complete competition uniforms for the team members, four goalie uniforms, 25 warm-up suits for the players and 5 for the coaching staff, in addition to 2 Golty professional number 4 soccer balls.

“For Drummond, it is very important to participate in this project, through which we are strengthening the process of restoring the social fabric, encouraging athletic activity and what all Colombians are hoping for, to achieve peace,” said Drummond Ltd.’s Community Relations Coordinator in Magdalena, Álvaro Daza.

The President of the Magdalena Soccer League, José Salebe Cervantes, also said, “We are very grateful to Drummond, since this shows an attitude of reciprocation and connection with the department. We recognize the company’s social commitment to athletics, education and culture, and the support they have given us.”

In a letter to the President of the Magdalena Soccer League, he offered his thanks to the company and to the manager of Drummond Ltd.’s Community Relations Department, Alfredo Araújo, saying, “Our department team is made up of players from the municipalities of Ciénaga, Zona Bananera, Aracataca, Fundación and Algarrobo, which shows the importance of partnering with Drummond Ltd., since these municipalities are a source of support for the company’s development. The help that you have provided has been received with great satisfaction in those municipalities.”

Through this contribution, Drummond Ltd. seeks to help the children and young people of the department see sports as a way to build values and contribute to the development of athletics.