Journalist Miguel Alguero is the new winner of the communications scholarship presented by Drummond Ltd. and CPV

Valledupar, November 3, 2023

*Miguel Alguero Montaño is the seventh journalist in Cesar to receive the communications scholarship.

With the purpose of continuing to recognize the work of journalists from Cesar, Drummond Ltd. announced that Miguel Alguero Montaño, a journalist from the municipality of La Jagua de Ibirico, Cesar, met all the requirements and obtained the highest qualification during the candidate selection process for the communications scholarship. The latter is is awarded thanks to the partnership between Drummond Ltd. and the Valledupar Circle of Journalists, CPV for its initials in Spanish.

*Qualifying jury during the interview to the runner-up journalists.

May 2, 2023, when the call to apply was opened. Next, the candidates’ work was rated by the jury, made up of José Antonio Larrázabal, an economist in Cesar, María Elvira Marulanda, who served as president of the CPV at the time of the evaluation’s first stage, and the vice president of public affairs and communications for Drummond Ltd., Pablo Urrutia. Rafael Escalona was also present during the interviews, as an observer of the process as current president of the CPV.

The final phase of the process included up journalists. journalists Karen Yiceth Pedroza Vega, Leda Amanda Rodríguez Gutiérrez, and Miguel Alguero Montaño, the latter being the chosen one to obtain this recognition to study a specialty related to the communications area.

Upon receiving the news, Miguel stated: “I am deeply grateful for having been selected for Drummond’s post-graduate scholarship. This opportunity means a lot to me, as it will allow me to continue growing in my professional training as a journalist. This scholarship not only paves the way for my academic development, but also strengthens my commitment to continue working tirelessly to do accurate journalism, with integrity and ethics. Thank you for this valuable opportunity!”

Applicants for the scholarship had to comply, among others, with the following requirements: be a native of Cesar or prove that they have lived in the department for more than ten years; currently practice the profession or be linked to a media outlet; have at least with five years of experience, and obtain a rating greater than 4.5 out of 5 in the work that was evaluated.

With the presentation of the seventh Communications Scholarship, Drummond Ltd. ratifies its commitment to continue its contribution to strengthen the skills of the journalism sector in the department of Cesar.