Drummond Ltd. reiterates that it has not had any links with groups outside the law and rejects statements from former paramilitaries

In relation to the information issued from the statements of alias “Salvatore Mancuso”, Drummond Ltd reiterates:

  • The company does not have and has not had any links with organizations outside the law, regardless of their origin. Likewise, it has never financed or provided financial support to criminal structures.
  • The JEP has been improperly used by former paramilitaries who, seeking economic and judicial benefits, have given false information to the authorities. The company has presented to this tribunal hundreds of pieces of evidence on eight separate occasions since 2021.
  • Since the beginning of its operations in Colombia, at the end of the 1980s, the company has adhered to the laws that govern the country, and has adopted the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, as well as the Guiding Principles of the United Nations on Business and Human Rights.
  • The company has cooperated with the authorities in the development of the investigations that are being carried out, demonstrating its innocence as a company and that of its executives in the face of the aforementioned accusations.