ENEL (EMGESA) Visits Drummond’s Mine and Port Operations

July 26, 2016

Executives of ENEL, a Drummond client, are pictured touring the direct loading pier.

Executives of ENEL, a Drummond client, are pictured touring the direct loading pier.

As part of its customer relationship with Drummond Ltd., ENEL showed interest in getting to know more about the operation carried out by the company, in addition to its commitment to the various audiences and its surroundings which include: the communities, its workers, its contractors, its customers and the environment.

“For Drummond, socialization with its customers is very important. Here, they will find our doors open for whenever they decide to visit us,” said José Miguel Linares, President of Drummond Ltd. Colombia, during the visit.

The initiative of promoting visits strengthens the company’s policy, to provide a quality productand  to offer the guarantees of transparency and responsibility in each of the processes it carries out, with its operations in Cesar and Magdalena.

The visit began at the company’s port facilities, and was led by the president of Drummond Ltd. Colombia, José Miguel Linares, in addition to the Port Operation, they also toured  the Railway, Industrial Safety and Physical Security Areas.

Thus, the visitors became acquainted with the procedures, equipment and technology implemented for the unloading of trains and had an opportunity to visit the pier, where they saw the conveyor belt systems and the direct loading of coal onto the ships, reaffirming that Drummond’s port operation is both efficient and sustainable.

After the tour, the ENEL representatives received information from each of the area leaders, delving more deeply into various topics associated with the operation and the influence of Drummond on its surroundings. This allowed the visitors to ask questions and get clarification regarding their concerns.

Likewise, the group presented its concerns related to the impact of the operations, the safety of the employees and the company, the progress on legal issues, the relationship with its communities and the actions that Drummond will continue to carry out in order to continue to be a sustainable company.

Emphasizing the communities, the group underlined its interest in knowing what is being done to support the neighboring towns and to help cope with the situations or difficulties they face with regard to issues such as the displacement and internal conflict in the country.

José Miguel Linares, President of Drummond Ltd. Colombia, answered: “When we see what is being expected and what some NGOs tell us, we note that companies like our and like yours have already been contributing for a long time in the post-conflict period.”

He likewise expanded on his comment, saying, “We have arrived in abandoned regions, and what we have achieved is the creation of conditions for the State to again establish a presence and for there to be new opportunities for people. We are creating the opportunity for decent and legal employment. We are raising the education levels, because there are communities that didn’t have access to education. We are significant contributions of time, and the idea is to see what plans exist today, to see what we are doing and how we can align ourselves, according to what the country defines, and to support it.”


After their tour of Puerto Drummond, the ENEL officials became acquainted with the mining operations at Pribbenow. They visited recovered environmental areas, operation areas and collection yards (Load Out). The ENEL representatives paid attention to the presentations by Drummond staff, who especially emphasized topics such as industrial safety, occupational health, human resources, labor relations, the status of legal proceedings, the resettlement process and the environment, among others.

Amílcar Valencia, the Environmental Manager of Drummond and presenter during the ENEL tour of the Pribbenow mine, declared that it was a very significant visit because for the company it is particularly important to show the operation and all of the processes carry out daily to all interest groups.

All of this forms part of the work that the company is carrying out to make itself known and reiterate publicly the work Drummond does internally. “In this way, our partners have more confidence in us, especially allies such as ENEL, which has been making important investments worldwide with regard to energy. It is present in 36 countries. It is a large organization that knows a lot about its business, which has diversified energy management, both in marketing and in generation, and in generation they have diverse kinds of sources. It is a very interesting company, and the people who came are really from a high level. They were interested in getting to know Drummond, and fulfilled that objective with their visit,” explained Amílcar Valencia.