Environmental Commitment

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Environmental Commitment

Drummond Ltd. is dedicated to the highest standards of excellence. This philosophy is proven in every aspect of our business, including the measures taken to protect the environment through steadfast adherence to responsible environmental management and practices.

Drummond Ltd. is a proven leader in the area of environmental protection. Our commitment to responsible mining has led us to develop environmental techniques specific to Colombian conditions. Other companies from various industries now use our techniques because of our proven effectiveness. For example, our trains, with more than 130 cars, are treated with water to prevent or mitigate the dispersion of particles. As the coal is being loaded and wetted, a roller compacts it. At the same time, the sides of each car are cleaned to leave no residue that could be spread along the tracks between the mine and the port.

As part of our ongoing environmental effort, Drummond Ltd. has implemented an ambitious environmental training program for all employees, contracted companies, and the general community. Our Environmental Management Plan is taught in a program of seminars and training days that provide an opportunity for conversation and discussion. The goal is increase the overall awareness of environmental protection and to ensure Drummond Ltd.’s leading role in environmentally sound activities.
Starting with the removal of the topsoil in the mining areas, and extending throughout the entire mining process, Drummond Ltd. uses a series of environmental best practices that play a vital role in mining operations. Our environmental management is focused on prevention, mitigation, and compensation for the environmental and social effects created by mining activities, rail transportation of coal, and port operations. We take every effort to ensure efficient use of the natural resources needed to carry out our work.

Drummond Ltd.’s environmental strategy not only results in a decrease in the amount of resources placed in landfills, but it provides a better use of those same resources. In 2010, we recovered 71,008 kilograms of plastic, 70,264 kilograms of cardboard, 70,098 kilograms of aluminum, and large amounts of other recyclable materials. The processes we use to make our recycling activity competitive include classification, compacting and processing of materials, and directly enhancing them through use in the local community.

Drummond is also proud to manage our Environmental Laboratory which produces high-quality, physical and chemical analytical water and air data. The Laboratory supports the management of our Environmental Department and conducts studies of air and water quality at more than 75 monitoring stations. In 2010, through Resolution 2809, the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology, and Environmental Studies (IDEAM) granted accreditation to the Drummond Ltd. Environmental Laboratory. Our lab is recognized for its technical competency and aptitude of laboratory staff to produce information of high quality and reliability. The Drummond Environmental Laboratory Ltd. is the first accredited laboratory in the country that is part of a mining operation and the first accredited in the Department of Cesar.

Within the environmental commitment and responsibility of Drummond Ltd., additional measures have been taken beyond our Environmental Management Plan, in order to minimize the potential trending environmental impacts and their effects on neighboring communities. Drummond Ltd. is not only committed to the environmental sustainability of our operations, we are committed to the social responsibility manifested within our communities to achieve improvement in the quality of life for our employees, neighbors, friends, and family.