Environmental Compensation Plan goes to Environmental Competitions

July 9, 2015

* The Autonomous Regional Corporation of Cesar is nominating the conservation strategies implemented by the mining companies in Serranía del Perijá in several competitions.

Upon confirming the positive impacts generated by the implementation of the Environmental Compensation Plan developed in Serranía del Perijá by Drummond Ltd., the Autonomous Regional Corporation of Cesar is nominating this strategy for the awards Latin America Verde, APC Best Practice Award and the National Peace Prize.

The implementation of this plan, accompanied by the Pro Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Foundation, and with the participation of CNR, Prodeco and Norcarbon, has protected conservation areas, restored degraded zones, and established and maintained productive systems associated with conservation. It has also paid environmental incentives to rural inhabitants, strengthened organizations, and improved roads, schools, and health posts in Serranía del Perijá.

In light of the favorable results, Drummond Ltd. is implementing these strategies in the San Antonio Creek and Las Ánimas Creek watershed areas in the jurisdiction of the towns of La Jagua de Ibirico and Chiriguaná, to recover these bodies of water and improve the lives of the people.

Drummond Ltd. supports the initiative of Corpocesar to participate in this competition which recognizes good environmental and social practices, because it demonstrates to the community and institutions the company’s commitment to the environment and to people.