Fulfilling the dreams that are born of the earth

April 2, 2013

The land in Cesar and Magdalena is full of riches, not only because of its production capacity, but also because of the quality of its people and the struggles that, with determination and in the midst of poverty, they undertake in order to succeed.

Several young people are a sign of the spirit, the drive, the sacrifices that were made and the desire to go further, who, having excelled in their academic training as high school students, beyond striving day by day to become better human beings, made it possible for opportunities to arise, showing that being on the right track is worth it.

That may be the best lesson learned by the eight young people who were chosen as Drummond Ltd. scholarship recipients in 2013, who are now part of the 53 young people who have benefitted from the program since 2006, the year in which it was started. Now they all have sponsorship for their university studies and the financial aid to support themselves in the cities where they will study.

Aspirations for progress that are shaping the region

Gratitude and joy are clearly reflected in the voice of María de los Ángeles Herrera, a Young woman from the town of Rincón Hondo in Chiriguaná (Cesar), who is enrolled in her first semester of geological engineering. After being selected as a Drummond Ltd. scholarship recipient to fulfill her dream of studying towards a professional degree, she said that: “this experience symbolizes and is a sign of blessing, success and professionalism; of a wonderful opportunity that I thank God and Drummond Ltd. for, to be able to succeed, to grow and to learn more.”

Meanwhile, Yurlenis Trespalacios says that the opportunity to receive a scholarship and study was unexpected, so she is making the most of it and, in the future, receive her degree as a mining engineer in Valledupar; her life plan includes helping her family to succeed and, why not, use her knowledge to contribute to a company like Drummond Ltd., which aims for improvement.

In the case of Damir Redondo, a young man from Orihueca (Zona Bananera – Magdalena), who helps his mom, a single mother, in her everyday work and in supporting her household; this opportunity has been the impetus to achieve the goals that he had set. He is happy because this achievement means being able to rise up and achieve something that seemed difficult due to his lack of resources. Now, his goal is to continue with his university studies and be an example for other young people to motivate them to not give up on their dreams.

Like these other young people, Hamilton Reales and María Camila Socarrás, from La Jagua de Ibirico; María Alejandra Ortega, from the municipality of El Paso; Angélica Herrera, from the municipality of Bosconia, all of which are located in the Cesar Department; and Andrea Ferreira, from the town of Orihueca (Magdalena), will have the opportunity to enter the professional world, to prepare themselves to have a more positive outlook and expectations for their future, becoming a critical source of support for their families, who have also provided support throughout their education.

For Drummond Ltd., working for dreams that are born of the earth means having the opportunity to strengthen its commitment to society, to the people working for their regions and to those whose goals include making Colombia a better country, capable of having thoughtful, more prepared people who work for the common good.