Information on Bus Incident

Press Release

December 21, 2016, La Loma, Cesar

Drummond Ltd. would like to inform that on December 20, 2016 a bus accident took place in El Descanso mine, in which some of our employees were injured.

A bus belonging to Copetran, a transportation contractor in charge of the transportation of our employees, was carrying out the route designated to transport the personnel in order to begin their work shift, unfortunately the bus overturned. The reasons are being investigated. The accident caused injuries and bruises to some of the employees that were on the bus.

When the accident took place, we activated our safety protocols and the respective investigation was initiated. Likewise, we immediately began the coordination with authorities and entities to aid the injured persons. One of our employees had a humerus fracture and had to undergo surgery. The rest of the employees suffered minor bruises. Fortunately none of the workers were diagnosed with life-threatening injuries.

Drummond Ltd., together with Copetran, is carrying out an investigation in order to clarify the event, and prevent it from happening again, which could affect the health, integrity and well-being of our employees.

Drummond Ltd. regrets this accident and expresses its solidarity with the affected employees as well as with their families.