Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Students from Universidad Nacional visit Drummond’s Port

October 18, 2016

*On this occasion 12 students participated in a guided visit, including a description of the company’s operations and a tour through the direct loading system for coal exports.

Students from Universidad Nacional, Medellin campus, at the direct ship loading dock
Students from Universidad Nacional, Medellin campus, at the direct ship loading dock

Drummond Ltd.’s visitation program received a group of senior Mining and Metallurgical Engineering students from the Universidad Nacional, Medellin campus. The tour focused on the company’s operations plan to help future engineers learn about the different actions that at the core of the operation and the company’s export process.

The students heard a talk by Operations Manager, Jose Luis Velasquez, who explained in detail each process executed to meet Drummond Ltd.’s operational objectives.

The explanations emphasized the methodology for the coal flow process, stacking, and the direct ship loading system. The students’ evaluations and comments demonstrated their interest in the effectiveness and innovation of the technology Drummond implements.

Engineer John Encinales then shared information about the Environmental Management Plan, which has the objective of preventing and mitigating potential impact on the environment from the mining operations. During this session the students resolved doubts about processes internal and external to the mining company.

“I think mining in this country can be done in a way that is responsible, efficient, and inclusive of the communities. We’re going away from here with a good image of the company. Thank you very much for all your attentions,” stated Professor Estefania Velez, from the School of Mines.

During the tour the young people visited the direct ship loading dock, where they were able to see how the conveyor belt and direct ship loading system work. Then the future graduates stopped at the lookout point over the yards, where they observed the different stacks and the way the coal is classified.

“I’m quite impressed and very happy to have had the chance to see this type of operation carried out in our country, which takes environmental and social activities very seriously in a well-established way. The company really set up an excellent visit for us. I’d love to come back on another occasion and would like to encourage my classmates to visit and have the same experience we’ve had,” expressed student Juan Jose Monsalve.

Drummond Ltd.’s commitment can be seen in the different learning visits it organizes, creating an arena where it can contribute knowledge to these future engineers, sharing information about its operations and about the company’s social responsibility and environmental programs.